Runs through August 20, 2021

Baby Winston, this little 5 lb border collie mix puppy, has experienced nothing but trauma in his young life. First, he was ripped from his Mom at just 4 weeks old and sold, a full month before it is safe or legal to do so in OH.


These "adopters" had an aggressive, barking dog that, per their statement, tried to "eat" poor Winston. That's when Guardians for the Animals of Ohio stepped in to help.


Feeding has been a constant struggle for Winston. He has to be bottle fed because he wasn't weaned and he is constantly hungry. He can't eat solid food because he doesn't have all of his teeth, yet. In his foster home, he thinks his fur brother is his mom and constantly tries to nurse from him and cries pitifully when he can't. When his foster mom holds him, he desperately tries to suckle her neck. He is terrified of barking dogs and being left alone. 


Winston needs specialized care and vetting to ensure he will survive. Failure to thrive is a real and present danger due to his abrupt separation from his Mom.  


Winston deserves the very best that we can provide and with your help, this little guy can have a bright future. Your raffle ticket purchase doesn't just entitle you to 50% of the total dollars raised if you become part of a team who are dedicated to Winston's survival!


❤️ Bless you and THANK YOU ❤️

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