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**Important Update*

With the amount of applications our rescue is receiving at this time for all our

dogs, we are trying to get through them as quickly as possible but timeframe may take up to two weeks or more with the 

Covid-19 pandemic & our rescue limiting the people who have contact with our potential adopters to keep

everybody SAFE!!

We apologize for the delay!

You will be contacted for more information including references, if your application is a good fit for the dog you are applying for.  If the dog you have applied for is no longer on our website, they are either adoption pending or pending meet & greets.

If interested in multiple dogs from our organization, please send us an email @

**IMPORTANT**  If you live in Canal Winchester, Bexley, or Upper Arlington, or any other area that has BSL, we DO NOT adopt any Staffordshire Terrier or Staffordshire Terrier mixes due to their BSL (Breed Specific Legislation). 




Did you know that most dogs do not have a home due to no fault of their own? It is a common myth to think that all dogs up for adoption in shelters and rescues are damaged in some way. But, nothing could be less true! Dog shelters and rescues are full of lovable, active and healthy adoptable dogs just waiting for someone to take them home. A majority of dogs are given up when their prior owner can no longer afford the financial requirements to keep them, got divorced, had a death in the family or other unexpected change in their family situation, or didn't realize how much time & attention a dog adoption deserves and needs. Even worse, the number of dog adoptions in need are compounded by a surplus of dogs bred for profit: approximately 4 million adoptable pets are killed each year due to overpopulation. By taking home a dog adoption from a rescue or a shelter, not only are you saving that pet, you're either making room in the rescue so they can save another pet from a shelter, or making room at the shelter itself. As you can see, dog adoption is truly a continuous cycle of saving lives, and it's the humane thing to do! Thank you for considering dog adoption, and please help us debunk the myth of homeless pets in the future.

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Meeting one of our dogs does not guarantee adoption. We receive multiple applications for the same dog, and must make a determination on which home is best. This isn't something we like to do but means that sometimes we have to turn down great people - please don't take it personally!

In those cases where there are more than one adoption application on a dog, we strive to place the dog in the home that is the best match for the dog.  

Before applying, please ready the animal's bio as some of our dogs must be in homes with other dogs, some may be an only dog home, or no kids, and/or older kids only, or no cat homes. 


As a foster parent, if you have someone interested in adopting your foster pet, PLEASE BE SURE TO ALERT YOUR FOSTER COORDINATOR RIGHT AWAY and encourage the interested party to fill out an application immediately. 

Once an application is submitted and the applicant is determined to be an appropriate fit for the dog including all full check of the application - vet checks, references, home visit, etc., the process is as follows:


1. Our ADOPTION COORDINATOR,  will connect the foster home with the information on the potential adopter. This is done via email.


2. The foster family contacts the applicant to talk about the dog and set up a meeting.


3. The applicant meets the foster dog and decides whether or not to adopt.


4. If the applicant decides to adopt, Adoption Coordinator is notified and will make sure that all paperwork including the adopter filling out an ADOPTION AGREEMENT and the adoption fees are paid. Once this is confirmed, she will notify the foster family that the dog may go home. The foster family and new adopter arrange for pickup of the dog.

We believe in full disclosure. This means that adopters should know as much as possible about the dog they are interested in making a part of their family. We do not withhold information at any time or for any reason. Adopters have a right to know if their potential pet has any issues.


We value the input of fosters in regards to the appropriateness of a particular home for the dog. Please express any concerns.  WE reserve the right to approve or deny an adoptive home, but we value foster input and will make many adoption decisions with the help of a foster.


We will call the new adopter several days after the pet has been in the home to find out how they are doing and offer any support or advice.  We will call again after 1 and 2 weeks, 1 months, 3 months & periodically after that.  All follow up are documented on our follow up forms.