⭐️RESCUE BLOG MONDAY- Hotdogging Our Adoptable Beauty, Annie⭐️

November 16, 2020

💖🌼Annie was saved from the franklin county dog shelter and placed into a foster home🌼💖

🌼After the foster family added a 5th dog to their home Annie started to act out. We believe Annie acting out was due to the lack of attention she was getting from her foster family🌼

💖Annie was then moved into her current foster home and now she is happy and ready to find her forever home💖

🌼Annie is an approximately 7.5 year old large mix breed🌼

💖Annie is a regal older gal who just wants to snuggle, lay on the couch and give her human tons of kisses💖

🌼Annie is kid friendly🌼

💖Foster Mom states “Annie reminds me of the orphan Annie movie because she just wants to find her loving forever home. Annie loves her toys, food & treats. She loves to go on walks, run around the yard and she loves to explore💖 Can you be Annie's Daddy Warbuck???

🌼Annie is dog friendly but prefers laid back dogs who are not in her face. So a meet and greet will be required if other dogs are in your home🌼

💖Annie has to be with a family with no cats💖

🌼💖If you are interested in meeting or adopting Annie, please fill out an adoption application https://www.guardiansfortheanimalsofohio.org/adoptionapplication💖🌼

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