🌺RESCUE BLOG MONDAY - Hotdogging Our Adoptable Pup- Nova Rae🌺

October 12, 2020

🌸Nova Rae is a female brindle/white mixed breed dog

She is around 1.5 years old and is ready to be adopted🌸

🌻Nova Rae came from the Cleveland area and we placed her in a foster home. At that time she did not want to even come out of her crate. She needed coxed and coerced, she was so timid and shy. Nova Rae was so afraid of things such as, floor fans, rugs, chairs and she did not like anyone walking up to her with an item in their hand. She was afraid of loud noises and walked around with her tail between her legs🌻

🌷Miss Nova has now been in her current foster home for over two months and she has has blossomed into such a happy girl!. After the first three weeks, she was house broken and she currently lives in a foster home with 6 rescued cats and a foster brother, a 105 pound mix-breed rescued dog🌷

🌼Now when Nova Rae hears her foster mom making dinner or working on something in the home, she no longer hides, instead she will walk up to her inquisitively. Nova Rae loves being around people and wants to sit on your lap. If you are standing, she will come and sit at your feet. She has already learned how to sit on command🌼

🌹Nova Rae loves to ride in cars, especially if there is a small plain hamburger involved. She loves to swim, play with toys, eat treats, get hugs, run and ride in a golf cart. Nova Rae does not mind being left alone but would rather be around people. She goes to daycare twice a week and she loves it🌹

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