🌟Rescue Blog Thursday: Pawsitively Inspirational🌟

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

🌟Since 2018, Guardians for the Animals of Ohio Rescue has made over 220 courtesy posts to help find a safe home/placement for dogs that are in need of rehoming or need to get out of a dog shelter.

🌟The inspirational story for this week is regarding a beautiful dog named Basil.

Basil was placed on the “Urgent list- in danger of being euthanized” in January of 2019 for behavioral decline in a cold, scary and noisy shelter. Thankfully, Basil was saved from near certain death when a family decided to take a chance on her.

🌟Basil initially had a rocky start with his new family but with patience, training and a lot of love, she became the center of their world. Basil even found his very best friend when the family adopted Chewy, a sweet little kitten!

🌟As you watch the slideshow of pictures, remember that Basil was a dog that was very close to being euthanized. “Don’t judge a book by the cover” is Basil’s statement to those who open their hearts and homes to shelter dogs.

🌟This month, Basil’s family reported to GFTAO that she passed away due to an inoperable brain tumor. They are heartbroken and Chewy grieves with them as Basil’s best friend wanders the house, crying out for her. Although Basil left this world too soon, she finally knew unconditional love from a family that was dedicated to rewriting her story.

🌟We can all honor Basil’s memory by sharing her story and urging others to save a life by adopting animals from their local shelter or rescue.

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