🌟Rescue Blog Tuesday - Parenting A Pet: Doggone Good Information🌟

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

🌟Your home is a lot quieter than the shelter, with many more fun things around and a lot more stimulating activity and space and freedom than they’ve had in the shelter. It can be very overwhelming for many dogs, especially those who have been in the loud, scary shelter for months.

🌟He/She will want to check out all the new smells and investigate his/her new home. They May get into a little trouble in the meantime, lol.

🌟He/She may accidentally dig up your garden, or chew your shoes or have an accident on the carpet. These are the transition phases on where he/she will need your guidance on what is appropriate behavior.

🌟After 3 weeks, your dog is probably getting used to and learning the daily routine, and starting to figure out when the next meal is coming, and when he/she gets to go on that next walk.

🌟At around 3 months, most dogs know they are “home.” They show all their true colors, quirks and cuteness ☺️

It can definitely be a process to get there, but with a good behavior plan, the right resources and patience, the two of you can build that special unbreakable bond that an owner has with their pet.🥰

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