🌟"Rescue Blog Friday: Guardian’s Happy Tails Spotlight🌟

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

"Sharing Our Joy"

In August of 2019, a Guardians for the Animals of Ohio Rescue advocate found a social media post of a young puppy being given away. After speaking with the owner, the puppy was released to Guardians for rescue. The young puppy was quickly named Nellie.

In her new foster home Nellie grew into a sassy, happy, cuddly and sweet puppy.

It did not take Nellie long (obviously she was so cute) to find her forever family.

A short time after Nellie went to live with her forever family it was discovered she had a benign tumor on her shoulder that had to be surgically removed. However it was a benign tumor and Nellie is a healthy girl.

Now, a year later, Nellie is still super excited for every person that she gets to meet, and she attends doggy daycare where the staff and other dogs just love her. Nellie "talks" like a husky, throws loud tantrums when you don't pay enough attention to her, and she believes she is a lap dog. Nellie even sleeps in the bed with her head up on a pillow like a human. Nellie’s family love her unconditionally, and she has been a wonderful addition to their family.

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