🌟”Sharing Our Joy” Blog Friday: Guardian’s Happy Tails Spotlight 🌟

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Who remembers when Guardians for the Animals of Ohio rescued Slate and Violet??

Slate (now know as Jameson) and Violet we’re rescued off the street, no information was ever known where they came from. Jameson and Violet were in such bad shape, they spent their first few days at the animal hospital getting treatment.

Jameson had many marks and scabs all over his body when he arrived at his foster home. Jameson was so scared of everything, he even had to be carried outside to the yard because he was too scared to walk outside. As time went by and his foster mom showered Jameson with love and lots of toys and treats, he finally began to come out of his shell. Jameson turned into a very sweet boy, that loved playing outside and snuggle time. However Jameson continued to be scared of human males.

The first time Jameson met a potential forever family, foster mom was so nervous about the meet and greet. To foster mom’s surprise when Brittany and Ray walked into the yard to met Jameson, he did the most amazing thing ever!! He ran up to Ray and instantly bonded with him. At that moment it was clear Jameson had found his forever family. Jameson has grown into a healthy and happy dog with his family and we couldn’t be happier for him

Stay tuned next week to learn about Violet’s journey to a forever home

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