🌟”Sharing Our Joy” Blog Friday: Happy Tails Spotlight 🌟

October 23, 2020

🐾💚💫Today our blog is dedicated to our green-eyed beautiful boy, Greyson💫💚🐾

🐾Carson, now known as Greyson, was taken into our rescue when he was around 4.5 months old🐾

💚He was such a curious little pup who loved playing outside and was such a sweetheart💚

💫When Greyson was ready to be adopted, there were lots of applications wanting to adopt him! Foster mom and Greyson completed at least 5 meet and greets with different families, but when Greyson met his forever family there was a great connection, that let foster mom know this was Greyson’s forever family💫

🐾Here is a note from Greyson’s adoptive Mom “Greyson came into our lives about a year ago as a sweet timid puppy. Our first time meeting Grey he was quiet and reserved, terrified of my husband. It took him some time to work up but little by little we started to see this spunky puppy come out. By the end of our first visit he was running showing us his toys then leaping into our laps. We drove home, me in tears telling my husband I already loved this puppy and he felt like he was meant to be ours. When we got the news after his home visit that he was going to be ours we were elated. Everything was new to him when we first brought him home, from stairs to snow; everything went from something scary to his favorite thing. Grey has been such a special part of our family, he has become my husband’s shadow. He picked up on hand signals incredibly quickly and was able to learn commands using sign language. Greyson doesn’t know a stranger, and loves playing with our neighborhood kids. Greyson’s favorite activities are hiking, swimming, playing with other dogs,making new friends and bringing home any stick he possibly find. Greyson has drastically changed our lives for the better and we’re so glad he came into our world🐾

💚🐾💫Greyson, you are such a smart, unique, sweet boy and we look forward to seeing you and your forever family continue to make wonderful memories full of love💫🐾💚

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