🌟”Sharing Our Joy” Blog Friday: Happy Tails Spotlight 🌟

November 13, 2020

🌈👑Today’s blog is dedicated to our beautiful princess, Piper👑🌈

👑Piper, was taken into our rescue when she was just a small pup👑

🌈After arriving to her foster home, it didn’t take long for her to be a foster failure, and adopted by her foster family🌈

👑Piper fit so perfectly into their family and she instantly had a bond to her dog brother Diesel and her human sister, Bella👑

🌈Here is a note from Piper’s Mom “She’s obsessed with squirrels and listens better than Diesel! Piper loves to chase laser lights like a cat🌈

👑🌈Piper, you are such a smart and sweet girl and we look forward to seeing you and your forever family continue to make wonderful memories including adding a new human baby to the family soon🌈👑

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