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Now, he just needs to find his forever home!

He's an American Staffordshire Terrier Mix - 55 lbs. Black and Brindle.

His favorite "special" treats: he likes plain McDonald's cheeseburgers and Dairy Queen ice cream (vanilla in a cup)

Roy, (AKA, Skitterbug ), is happy-go-lucky, loves everyone and does great with other well-behaved dogs; ( every dog who is meeting brand new "friends", should be given the courtesy of decompression time, and having proper intro techniques.)

Roy would do best in a home without kitties.

Roy is almost 6 years old and bravely managed to survive the whole Pittie Paws Rescue debacle; then, he had to spend 90 days in a shelter.

Roy deserves a real 'home' life and lots of lovin'.

He is just a big-hearted, sweetie pie, waiting patiently for that home he deserves and that was "meant to be"

If you are looking for a great companion, a dog who gives kisses and looks to you for guidance, does great on a leash, knows sit, takes treats gently, and deserves all the love you can give him, please go fill out an application.

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Meet our Longest Rescue Resident Koda - AKA Batman!!

Let us get to know a little bit about Koda & find his forever home he has been so patiently waiting for!!! SHARE!!

It's Friday night! What are your plans? Well you know kick it down in the Brewery District looking for some hot chicks but would prefer to be kicking it up in my new home taking up the ENTIRE mattress!

Who is your favorite celebrity? Duh. Jennifer Aniston. She is the cat's meow!

Squeaky or Bouncy - what do you look for in a toy? Squeaky because I tear the crap out of these toys in 2.2 seconds & it is FUN!

Complete this sentence: "I wish I had a friend with whom I could share...." A forever home with.

If you would like to learn more about this handsome hunk & if he would be a good fit for your home, please send us a message.

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1st Annual Rescue calendars are few days away from coming off the printers. All the dogs in our calendar are GFTAO Rescue dogs. 4 of these dogs are former residents of the Franklin County Dog Shelter & 3 of them were on the rescue/euth list.

The calendar is Jan 2021 - March 2022. Let us know who wants one?

$20 for calendars & all proceeds go towards Guava medical care. If you want the calendar shipped add $4 & message your address. Thanks for your patience.

You can pay through facebook donate button or paypal choose goods & services.