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November 7, 2020

🐶🌈Today our blog is dedicated to our absolutely adorable boy, Tony🌈🐶

🌈Tony, aka Sir Anthony Emerson Bologné (aka Tony Bologna) is around a year old🌈

🐶Tony came to our rescue all the way from Texas, where he was on the streets there for at least 2 weeks before he was picked up as a stray🐶

🌈Tony was placed into one our foster homes and they loved him so much, they knew they couldn’t let him go and he became a foster fail🌈

🐶Tony’s adoptive Mom and human sister, Lena say that Tony is the happiest boy. Whatever activity Mom and Lena are doing he demands to be involved.He loves playing with his fursister, Callie and he LOVES car rides. It does not matter where Mom and Lena are going, he just wants to go too. Tony loves his toys, he will go pick out a toy from the toy box and throw it up in the air to play by himself, or bring it to Callie to play with him. Lena says Tony likes dressing up but Mom think he just tolerates it.

Tony is not a fan of meeting new people. He gets very scared and he doesn't like loud noises or chaos either. Tony is a VERY curious boy and is well natured. Tony believes he has to have his nose in whatever Mom and Lena are doing. Mom says that his aversion to people is how Lena knew he was her pupmate. He was never scared of Lena🐶

🌈🐶Tony, you are such a sweet and adorable boy and we know you have a wonderful forever family that loves you to pieces, we are so thankful you found your way here from Texas🐶🌈

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